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The necessity for a health and safety policy is enshrined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

A health and safety policy is a statement of intent that is written by an employer documenting the company's principles and goals embodying the organisation's commitment to protecting the health and safety of the employees and the public.

Procedure documents describe the actions that need to be taken to implement the principles and goals set out in the health and safety policy.

A health and safety programme contains the company's health and safety objectives, making it possible for the company to reach its goals in protecting its workers at the workplace from work-related accidents and occupational disease. Every organisation has unique needs and scope for specific elements that are required in its health and safety programme.

Dr Haidee Williams

Dr Haidee Williams will assist the employer with:

  • Developing an occupational health policy that is in line with the organisation's values and culture
  • Developing a risk driven, evidenced-based occupational health programmes
  • Assisting the organisation with the implementation of the developed programmes
  • Performing occupational health audits to the developed programmes


Dr Haidee Williams offers specialist occupational medicine services with an interest in developing evidenced based safety, health and environment policies and programmes. Expertise includes medical examinations, medical adjudication, toxicology, health based risk assessments, hazardous chemical substances, hazard communication and training and guidance on H,S&E legal compliance requirements.


Practice: 2 Wycombe Avenue, Constantia, Cape Town, 7806
Tel: 087 809 0054
Mobile: 083 271 4551
Email: haidee@occupational-medicine.co.za
Twitter: @drhmwilliams